Buying A Template

What’s Typeform? Do I need a Typeform account?

Typeform is our favourite form building software and all the templates on our site are built to use in Typeform. You’ll need to sign up to a paid Typeform account before purchasing one of our template bundles.

What’s the process for adding Pixel Forms as our agency?

After you’ve paid for your Typeform template, follow these steps:

  1. Login to your Typeform account
  2. Click on your Organisation name (top-right of screen) and select Settings
  3. Click on Team Management (left-hand navigation panel)
  4. Click on the “Add Agency” button
  5. Add our email address (that we provide) as the agency email address
  6. Next, go to a workspace and click “Add team member” and add our agency to your chosen workspace
  7. We’ll now be able to transfer your template/s to your account

Quick notes: You can revoke agency access after the form is transferred. Alternatively, you can create a new workspace so we only have limited access to that workspace.

Do we need to give you access to all our Typeform account & data?

No. You grant us access to one workspace in your Typeform account so we can transfer your forms, update the design and create connections (if selected). After the build/edit part of our process, you can revoke access to this space or move your forms to another (private) workspace in your Typeform account with just a few clicks.

Common Questions

I don’t know how to use Typeform

With every purchase, we include access to our “Getting Started with Typeform” short course. In one afternoon, you’ll learn everything about Typeform and be able to confidently build extra forms & surveys.

Can I build my own form instead of buying your template?

Absolutely! We’ve designed our templates to save you hours of time but, if you’ve got the time, why not take our “Getting Started with Typeform” short course and put your design skills to use building your own forms & surveys?